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Backend Software Engineer - AI Factory

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Backend Software Engineer - AI Factory

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@AI Factory
The AI Factory is dedicated to advancing our management software through AI innovation. Our primary goal is to seamlessly integrate AI features into our product line, either by enhancing functionality and user experience or by recreating user workflows to take full advantage of AI technology.

The challenge we have for you:
As a Backend Engineer on this AI Team, you will play a crucial role in designing, implementing, and maintaining the backend infrastructure that supports our innovative Generative AI projects. You will work collaboratively with a team of skilled professionals to build scalable and efficient systems that facilitate the development and deployment of advanced AI models.

You will be responsible for:


Micro-services Development:

- Design, develop, test, and maintain micro-services that form the backbone of our Generative AI applications.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of backend services with front-end applications.

Containerization and Kubernetes:

- Implement containerization strategies using tools like Docker to package applications for deployment.
- Work with Kubernetes to orchestrate and manage containerized applications, ensuring scalability and reliability.

Data Management:

- Understand and contribute to the design of data management systems that support the storage, retrieval, and processing of large-scale datasets used in Generative AI projects.
- Collaborate with data engineers to optimize data pipelines for efficiency and performance.


- Leverage MLOps best practices to facilitate the deployment, monitoring, and management of Generative AI models.
- Collaborate with data scientists and machine learning engineers to integrate models into the overall infrastructure.


Cloud Technology (Azure):

- Utilize and enhance backend systems on the Azure cloud platform.
- Leverage Azure services to optimize the performance and scalability of backend infrastructure components.


- Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
- Strong programming skills in Python.
- Proven experience (2+ years) in backend development with a focus on micro-services architecture.
- Familiarity with containerization tools (e.g., Docker) and orchestration frameworks (e.g., Kubernetes).
- Understanding of data management principles and experience working with large-scale datasets.


- Annual bonus based on the achievement of goals;
- Hybrid and flexible work model;
- 25 days of vacation per year;
- Health insurance;
- Access to online learning platforms and in house academy;
- Opportunities for training and certifications;
- Integration into a dynamic, enthusiastic, and continuously growing team;

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Europe, Portugal